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* Do you know what a Botnet attack is?

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The Botnet is a network of devices that are infected with malicious software. The devices could be smartphones, laptops, IoT, and many more, and each of them is also known as a bot or a zombie. The person that controls all of them is a cybercriminal called bot herder.
The Botnet attack occurs once the attacker injects malware into the network and uses them collectively against a victim.

Some of the most popular reasons why attackers use Botnet and Botnet attacks are:

  • Fraudulent or money stealing - Attackers initiate attacks for stealing money directly or indirectly.
  • Data theft - The users' personal data is highly valued in the market, and attackers know that.
  • Perform spamming and phishing frauds - Attackers can run large email spamming and phishing scams with a Botnet.

The cybercrimes that are completed with Botnet and Botnet attacks are on a massive global scale. Additionally, they are very hard to detect and anyone could fall victim to them.

In case you want more interesting information, we suggest you take a look at the detailed article regarding Botnet and Botnet attacks!